You crave…LIFE…….and a HEALTHY BODY

You crave…to feel WHOLE again as a brand NEW PERSON.

You crave…a life full of BLISS, PASSION and VITALITY.

You want to find YOURSELF again.



Yes, you heard me right. I’m talking to you…the beautiful soul who stumbled upon my page while desperately searching for a miracle that will change your life.

I see that you’re fed up with feeling like you’re invisible.

  • All you want is to be noticed, to feel loved, to have energy, to feel alive, and to be your old self again. But you’re not even sure who you are anymore.
  • You know that you wear baggy clothes to cover up your not so glamorous midsection and cellulite. You avoid buying new clothes at all costs, because you don’t like what you are seeing in the mirror.

It’s time to reclaim your confidence.

  • You know that you feel less than desirable, and often wonder if your significant other still finds you attractive. It’s time to fall back in love with yourself and reignite that spark.
  • You know you feel an overpowering emptiness in your core when you walk past your reflection. It’s time to pick up the pieces of your soul and become whole again.
  • You know that you avoid enjoying life and going to social events because you don’t want to see yourself tagged in a photo on Facebook. It’s time to stop wishing your life away.
  • You also know that you can’t go on living like this for much longer.
  • You know all of these things, but you also know that you want more for you life and you have the willpower to make it happen. The problem is, you don’t know how to get there.
  • You invest in diet books and fad programs, maybe even pills and shakes, but nothing seems to work. You feel like you’ve run out of options and there is no where to turn for help.


My name is Ilona. I’m a medical doctor turned holistic doctor and health and wellness coach, and I want to whisk you away on a life-changing journey.

A journey where we take a deep dive into your soul and transform your body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

A journey where we peel back the layers of hurt, shame and depression caused by years of emotional eating and poor life choices, and reveal the beautifully real and breathtakingly raw woman beneath.

A journey where, at the end, you emerge from the cocoon you’ve been living in, shake out your new wings and confidently fly away towards a brand new life.

Friend, my purpose is to help PEOPLE regain their health by restoring their digestive health, healing damaging emotions to achieve deep transformation.

If it was up to me, I’d be grabbing you by the hand, giving you the biggest bear hug and pep talk I’ve ever given, and guiding you step-by-step towards a brighter future right now.

Because I care about you, and I want to see you shine.

I work with people just like you every day, some women who just need a little push in the right direction, and some who admittedly need a giant kick in the you-know-what…

I’m here however you need me, with tools, coaching, programs, advice and yes, even virtual hugs, to make your journey easier.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s going to be hard.

The diet industry is to blame for making women like you believe it’s hard so they can make a quick buck on magic pills, shakes and packaged meals that are loaded with chemicals and do more harm to your body than good.

There’s a much better, completely natural way to transform your body and it doesn’t involve deprivation, starvation, calorie counting, chemicals or daunting exercise.

It’s starts with the GUT. Restoring your digestion and gut flora will turn around your life.

It begins with transformation on a cellular level, and ends with you feeling like you’ve been given a brand spanking new body.

Losing weight and nourishing your body is actually much easier than being overweight, trust me. I’m not some Instagram fitness model, I’m just like you…a real woman with a busy life who has had to learn to cope with emotional eating, ditch destructive habits, and make better choices.

My programs will nourish your body with delicious whole foods and self-care, nourish your mind with self-love and positivity, and nourish your soul with balance, passion, laughter, and joy. But it’s up to you to make the commitment.

Trust me – once I show you how easy it really is, and how much you’ll gain by making this simple improvement in your life, you’ll be in awe as the pounds melt away and a confident, youthful you debuts.

If I can do it, gorgeous, you can too. You deserve it. And I’ll be with you every step of the way…

Iona’s enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. I was moved by how much she cares for her clients. With her compassion and knowledge she was able to motivate me to take better care of my health and well being. I already feel much better and hopeful for the outcomes. If you failed before with your diets and changing your habits, contact her and experience the new client oriented approach.

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