I frequently hear the phrase HAVE MORE, BE MORE. It is a great phrase because it inspires us to be the best we can and have everything we desire. One of the beautiful things being a coach beside healing and transforming lives is that I evolve with my business and transform with my clients.

HAVE MORE, BE MORE we can apply in everyday life as mothers, grandmothers, leaders in the community. It doesn’t have to be only business related.

My question for you dear reader is HOW to be all that if your health is declining at a steady pace? Can you really be the best if you can barely get up in the morning because your energy is nonexistent? Or maybe your arthritis is acting up again and you can barely move.

Maybe you are taking a handful of medication to barely make it through the day.

Can you be more, do more and have more under those circumstances?

I don’t think so.

Health is our biggest wealth. We know all that, but so many times we push it to the backburner. We forget to take care of our amazing bodies. Our body has an amazing capacity to heal. The one thing to remember, it needs our support. In a form of

  1. Whole, nutrient dense food voided of chemicals.
  2. Proper hydration, with clean water.
  3. Movement, our bodies are designed to move.
  4. Stress reduction –  learn good stress relieving practices that you can stick with.
  5. Sleep, we need 7 to 8 hours of healthy sleep for our bodies to be able to repair.
  6. Clean air, at least in our homes (microenvironment), where we have full control.
  7. Positive, hopeful mindset; you heard about the power of the mind (capable to influence healing).

Where to start? You may ask in panic.

First, you make a conscious choice to change. Then be committed to making changes. You know how the saying goes “You can lead the horse to the water…”

I will give you a few tips on how to start, but you and only you can implement them.

  1. Let’s start from the last on the list with the mindset. A positive, hopeful attitude means half way healing. Study after study proves it. Also, you have to deal with the belief system that frequently is sabotaging us. Many times, we see our value and worth in a distorted way. Not being good enough, not worthy, not deserving…so we don’t take care of ourselves.
  2. Diet; eat food that is nutrient dense, clean. Food that will provide building blocks for your cells. Food that combats inflammation. That would be organic grass-fed meat, cage-free organic eggs, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits (strive for the color of the rainbow). I see you frowning organic is expensive. Let me tell you, can buy organic on a budget.
  3. Hydration with clean filtered water. Not with coke, dr. pepper, orange juice or Gatorade, just plain water. You may want to add a slice or two of a lemon, mint leaves, or a few berries if you wish so.
  4. Move your body to prevent age-related muscle and bone loss. It will keep your heart and lungs healthy. It can be as simple as a nice brisk walk in the nearby park or neighborhood.
  5. Stress is a hallmark of a modern lifestyle. From the minute we wake up till the end of the day we are bombarded with stressful events. We can choose how to react to them. One of the simplest ways to lower the stress level is the superwoman pose. It’s proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Deep breathing is another simple and effective ways.
  6. Clean air; you can make the choice to make sure your HVAC filters are clean and maintained regularly. Use essential oils instead of candles (especially paraffin candles, which are toxic). Have some indoor plants in your home.As you see, there is so much you can do to take your health to the next level and that will help you do BE AND HAVE MORE.




I cauliflower
1 medium size onion or one leek
Mushrooms (I used chicken of the woods wild mushrooms) any kind you like.
1+1 tablespoons Coconut oil
Salt (Himalayan pink or sea salt)
Curry powder

Directions: With the S blade of the food processor shred the cauliflower into a rice consistency. Chop onion (or leek) and sauté in coconut oil until translucent. Add cauliflower and spices and sauté for another 15 minutes. In the meantime, sauté mushrooms in coconut oil, add salt and pepper (how long do you need for the mushrooms to be ready depends what kind are you using; wild mushroom, in general,l need longer time; about 30 minutes).


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