Case studies


NK was a 35-year-old male struggling with mild depression, lack of motivation, and obesity. His last physical was an eye opener; his doctor told him he would develop pre-diabetes, and his blood pressure was borderline.

He came to me for help, since he had tried several times earlier and was unable to achieve his goal: to lose weight and improve his health.

Our coaching journey started with a Health and Wellness Assessment to realize which area of our client’s life needed work. After creating a Wellness Vision (the best version of the client), together we came up with SMART goals in order to achieve the vision. We set three months goals, which were broken down into monthly and weekly.  The goals were: lose weight, improve diet, exercise, socialize more, and improve his mood and self-esteem.

After the first month, NK’s health and well-being improved significantly: he lost five pounds, implemented many dietary changes, joined the gym and started working out, and started making plans for dating.

At the end of the three-month period, he lost fifteen pounds, implemented healthy eating habits, and worked out regularly at the local gym. He is hopeful for the future and feels good about himself.


JS, a 30-year-old female, came to me with multiple health concerns.  She was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, an inability to sleep well, loss of appetite, and low self esteem.  She was on antidepressant and anti anxiety medication and smoking about fifteen cigarettes per day.

After a Health and Wellness Assessment, we created her Wellness Vision and set SMART goals: to improve her sleep, quit smoking, improve her diet, lower stress, and increase self-esteem.

During the first month, JS implemented sleep hygiene techniques in order to get needed restful sleep. Her diet improved by starting with small changes. In addition, she started practicing Yoga again, lowered her cigarette smoking by 30%, and started to feel more hopeful and positive about herself.  Learning to meditate helped her to decrease her stress level. Her appetite slowly improved, and so did her overall well-being. At the end of the three-month period: she gained a few pounds, was consuming a healthy diet, added walking to her fitness routine, smoked occasionally three to five cigarettes per day, and improved her sleep so she was waking well-rested in the morning.  Her smoking was the biggest concern we had, and since she had a few unsuccessful attempts to quit, we decided to keep working together for a few more months.

Why is my program so successful? We focus on positives, what’s working well and not what’s wrong. Through positive reinforcement, the clients’ motivations increase, and they gain a readiness for change as well. The process starts with small, achievable changes to set for success.  You, as my client, will have my (your coach’s) undivided attention, non judgmental and compassionate. Together we will bring out the best and create the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

By focusing on previous successes, the client gains insight into his/her own strengths. You have everything you need to achieve the needed change. Let me help you to make it happen!

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