Have more, Be more

Have more, Be more

I frequently hear the phrase HAVE MORE, BE MORE. It is a great phrase because it inspires us to be the best we can and have everything we desire. One of the beautiful things being a coach beside healing and transforming lives is that I evolve with my business and transform with my clients.

HAVE MORE, BE MORE we can apply in everyday life as mothers, grandmothers, leaders in the community. It doesn’t have to be only business related.

My question for you dear reader is HOW to be all that if your health is declining at a steady pace? Can you really be the best if you can barely get up in the morning because your energy is nonexistent? Or maybe your arthritis is acting up again and you can barely move.

Maybe you are taking a handful of medication to barely make it through the day.

Can you be more, do more and have more under those circumstances?

I don’t think so.

Health is our biggest wealth. We know all that, but so many times we push it to the backburner. We forget to take care of our amazing bodies. Our body has an amazing capacity to heal. The one thing to remember, it needs our support. In a form of

  1. Whole, nutrient dense food voided of chemicals.
  2. Proper hydration, with clean water.
  3. Movement, our bodies are designed to move.
  4. Stress reduction –  learn good stress relieving practices that you can stick with.
  5. Sleep, we need 7 to 8 hours of healthy sleep for our bodies to be able to repair.
  6. Clean air, at least in our homes (microenvironment), where we have full control.
  7. Positive, hopeful mindset; you heard about the power of the mind (capable to influence healing).

Where to start? You may ask in panic.

First, you make a conscious choice to change. Then be committed to making changes. You know how the saying goes “You can lead the horse to the water…”

I will give you a few tips on how to start, but you and only you can implement them.

  1. Let’s start from the last on the list with the mindset. A positive, hopeful attitude means half way healing. Study after study proves it. Also, you have to deal with the belief system that frequently is sabotaging us. Many times, we see our value and worth in a distorted way. Not being good enough, not worthy, not deserving…so we don’t take care of ourselves.
  2. Diet; eat food that is nutrient dense, clean. Food that will provide building blocks for your cells. Food that combats inflammation. That would be organic grass-fed meat, cage-free organic eggs, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits (strive for the color of the rainbow). I see you frowning organic is expensive. Let me tell you, can buy organic on a budget.
  3. Hydration with clean filtered water. Not with coke, dr. pepper, orange juice or Gatorade, just plain water. You may want to add a slice or two of a lemon, mint leaves, or a few berries if you wish so.
  4. Move your body to prevent age-related muscle and bone loss. It will keep your heart and lungs healthy. It can be as simple as a nice brisk walk in the nearby park or neighborhood.
  5. Stress is a hallmark of a modern lifestyle. From the minute we wake up till the end of the day we are bombarded with stressful events. We can choose how to react to them. One of the simplest ways to lower the stress level is the superwoman pose. It’s proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Deep breathing is another simple and effective ways.
  6. Clean air; you can make the choice to make sure your HVAC filters are clean and maintained regularly. Use essential oils instead of candles (especially paraffin candles, which are toxic). Have some indoor plants in your home.As you see, there is so much you can do to take your health to the next level and that will help you do BE AND HAVE MORE.



I cauliflower
1 medium size onion or one leek
Mushrooms (I used chicken of the woods wild mushrooms) any kind you like.
1+1 tablespoons Coconut oil
Salt (Himalayan pink or sea salt)
Curry powder

Directions: With the S blade of the food processor shred the cauliflower into a rice consistency. Chop onion (or leek) and sauté in coconut oil until translucent. Add cauliflower and spices and sauté for another 15 minutes. In the meantime, sauté mushrooms in coconut oil, add salt and pepper (how long do you need for the mushrooms to be ready depends what kind are you using; wild mushroom, in general,l need longer time; about 30 minutes).


Do I need to take supplements?

Do I need to take supplements?

Do I need to take supplements? I eat healthy, so I don’t think I need any supplement.
I am not going to take any supplements, they are toxic and not effective. I will just waste my money.
Yes, I am taking many supplements so I can eat “the wrong food”.

Those are a few questions and statements from my friends and clients I am hearing frequently.

So, let me give my “two cents” regarding supplements. Are you with me?

Yes, we do need supplements even if we eat a balanced and healthy diet. There are multiple reasons for that. One is the quality of our food supply. Due to poor agricultural practices, toxic pollutants in soil and waters, long transportation time, picking up produce that is not ripe. The nutrient content is the highest when the produce is vine ripened. Also, we need to take into consideration the long travel time from the fields to our table. With each day nutritional value is less and less.

I have to warn you: not all supplements are good for you. Yes, there are supplements that have low efficacy, some of them have unhealthy fillers. So, when buying them you have to read labels carefully. Choosing and taking the right supplement is a great investment in your health. Choose a reputable brand so you know you will reap a benefit for taking them and not wasting your money. There are studies proving that some supplements are just passing through the digestive tract unchanged (that means no absorption). That is a real waste of money.

Taking all kind of supplements and eating the wrong food is not a too good idea. Supplements won’t make up for inflammatory, toxic and nutrient-poor food.

A healthy, nutrient-rich whole food is the best way to optimize your health. Vitamins, mineral and trace elements should come primarily from food.

If you take medication pay attention because many times they interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

In that case, you may want to supplement.

Majority of our adult population is nutrient deficient due to the reasons I mentioned above. One of the examples is Magnesium. Almost 70% of adult populations is magnesium depleted. Magnesium has a role in over 300 biochemical and physiological processes in the body. Did you know that magnesium is the first line therapy for a newly diagnosed high blood pressure? Just to illustrate the importance.

Are you one of the statistics (nutrient deficient) and trying to mask the symptoms with medications?

I see this way too frequently working with clients.

How can you know if you are mineral or vitamin deficient?

The best and most effective ways are to do some testing. Test don’t guess. But I know it can challenging sometimes to get the right testing.

Pay attention to symptoms or start taking the most important ones that the majority of us need.

I do not represent nor sell any of the supplement companies.

I am planning to talk about a few of them I can trust and use their product in my Facebook group. This month is all about supplements in the group.

One more reason to join us in the group. Click HERE




This is my “go to” food when I want something sweet and creamy. I know it’s also super healthy, won’t interfere with my hormone balancing efforts and everyone like it. I usually make a double batch so I can share it with my husband. I have to warn you once you start eating if it’s difficult to stop ?

Serves 1

1 cup full-fat coconut milk (one can has two cups)
½ cup blackberries (any kind of berries work well)
¼ cup chia seeds
I used coconut flakes for extra crunch, this is optional

Blend in a high-speed blender coconut milk and blackberries. Mix in chia seeds and just stir manually. Let it cool in the fridge for about 8 hours. And just enjoy it!!

To your radiant health, with love

Hormone Balancing Food for Women

Hormone Balancing Food for Women

Do you experience those times when you just don’t understand where your mood is coming from, and it changes without warning? This is a common experience for many women. Especially once we approach “those changing years”. Fortunately, there are foods and supplements that can effectively improve your mood.

By simply eating the right food, you can experience a great difference in your energy and mood. A diet packed with highly nutritious food can drastically reduce the symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as depression, mood swings, acne, and weight gain.

Below is the list of hormone-balancing food for women:


Are you familiar with the blue-green algae found in ponds and lakes? Well, it is known as Spirulina and it contains high amounts of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is rich in hormone-balancing nutrients, which can help reduce mood problems, cramps, inflammation, and breast tenderness. Therefore, it can reduce the risk of blood sugar problems by resolving the root cause of hormonal imbalance.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a historically popular remedy for its nutritional content. Fortunately, the contemporary variety is much tastier than its predecessors. Cod liver oil is rich in essential concentrated hormone-balancing nutrients such as Vitamin A and omega 3s that help address mood problems, inflammation, and fluid balance. Furthermore, regular consumption of fermented cod liver oil can also improve potency.


Vitex is also called Chaste Tree Berry, which is a powerful medicinal herb. This is especially ideal for women’s health because it helps produce high progesterone levels. Vitex can help relieve PMS symptoms such as depressed mood, irritability, headache, skin disorder, fatigue, bloating, breast fullness or sleeplessness. Vitex tincture gives you the best results and can be added to herbal teas.

Bee Pollen

In traditional Chinese medicine, bee pollen is specifically used to increase energy, reduce cravings, improve digestion, and build iron. Bee pollen is considered a complete food and is a great source of proteins and other important nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B. These nutrients are effective in balancing hormones, improving your mood, and stabilizing weight.


Avocados are great sources of good fats that are essential for hormone synthesis. The nutrients from avocados help your skin release and circulate the hormones necessary to stay healthy. It is recommended to eat half an avocado per day to get a beneficial amount of fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C and E, potassium and lutein.


Salmon is good for your brain and heart health. It also balances your hormones because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which serve as a major building block for hormone synthesis. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help fight skin irritations, including eczema and acne.

To stay healthy as well as balance your hormones, you need to eat the right food. The foods on this list can produce amazing results. Put an end to your mood swings and other hormonal imbalance symptoms. Give these a try?

To your radiant health, with love



We are conditioned to rely on prescriptions the moment we become ill, (not necessarily for health, but mostly for diseases) as some chemicals, drugs with different compounds.  We get caught in this mentality of always trying to “fix” something like we are broken. But as we know, “fixing the problem” with chemicals (aka prescription medications) won’t improve our health, since we are not addressing the root cause.

Let’s see a different approach.

Here are the three basic steps I have learned in my functional medicine school.

  1. Maximize: put in what the body needs to function and heal: oxygen, water, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.
  2. Minimize: take out what is harmful; toxins, infections, allergies, stress, trauma.
  3. Prioritize: create an environment for healing; sleep, rest, laughter, exercise, stretching, breathing and meaningful relationships.

If we are focusing on step 2 which is Minimize….the first thing to notice is to take away what is harmful and one of them are toxic chemicals.  It makes so much sense!! Right? Before starting with one prescription drug to end up with five later, lets first remove the harmful stuff and then and only then use the medication if needed.

The Detoxification Process

How to remove the “harmful stuff”?  It’s simple, by supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Before I get into that, let’s make a conscious choice to minimize the exposure. Shall we? With a few simple steps, we can make a huge difference.

Here are some simple steps:

  1. Instead for reaching to the next plastic water bottle, why don’t you switch to a glass one or stainless steel? You will save money, protect your health (lowering the toxic exposure), and do something great for our beautiful planet Earth (just think of plastic waste for a moment)
  2. Instead of plastic containers, Styrofoam cups use glass and carry your own coffee mug. Did you know for plastic and Styrofoam takes 500+ years to degrade? Maybe recycling them would be the second-best decision. The first best decision is not to use them.
  3. Instead of so great smelling laundry and kitchen soaps (but with bad ingredients), we should switch to a simple one with cleaner ingredients.
  4. Instead of deodorants and antiperspirants that are loaded with Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates we could switch to more natural ones, including essential oils (for example). Same for perfumes. If you use them, do it sparingly.
  5. Maybe instead of burning candles (most of them are toxic) opening the window or diffusing an essential oil would be a better idea.
  6. Last, but not least cleaning up our diet. Eating organic as much as possible or at least close to organic (EWG’s Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen List come very helpful). Avoid junk, prepackaged food loaded with chemicals.

Maybe this seems very overwhelming to you. Trust me, it’s not. It’s much easier to do all these changes than you think.

Would you like to know more about it? Join our webinar where I will be talking about different ways to minimize plastic and other chemical exposures, their effect on health and how to remove them from our precious bodies.

JOIN ME for an informative webinar you won’t want to miss. Here’s more info about:

The 7 Reasons Why Your Body is Begging for a Cleanse. 




Try this in the morning before you drink your morning coffee or tea. It helps the detoxification, alkalizes the body, gets the digestive juices flowing and rehydrates the body.

Glass of warm water
Juice of a lemon
1-2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

To your radiant health, with love,

Can Plastic Make Us Fat?

Can Plastic Make Us Fat?

We as a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Our diet and sedentary lifestyle are to blame for, mostly. But research in the last ten years is increasingly proving us that there is more to the story. Exposure to chemicals is also an important factor in the growing epidemics of metabolic diseases, including obesity.

Just a few data to illustrate the seriousness of the problem:

  • Nearly 70% of US adult population is overweight or obese.
  • Childhood obesity has tripled since 1970.
  • 85 million Americans have prediabetes
  • 30 million have diabetes

If the trend is continuing this way, 1 in 3 will develop diabetes.

We are facing a health crisis and we should take it seriously.

My intention is not to make you feel depressed or hopeless, but in contrary to give you some valuable information that you can implement in your life.

Let’s talk briefly about “those pesky chemicals. What are they, where are they coming from?

We are exposed to harmful chemicals daily. They are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, in our home (flame retardants, spill resistance furniture, carpeting, mattresses, curtains, especially shower curtains, cleaning items, air fresheners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners). They are in our skincare products and makeup (moisturizers, foundations, nail polish, lipsticks, makeup removers), in our water, receipt paper etc.

The most well known are BPA, PVC, DDT, Phthalates, Atrazine, PFOA, Dioxine, Parabens, MSG and many more.

There are two ways they can make us fat.

A subgroup of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) called OBESOGENS can stimulate fat storage by increasing the size and numbers of fat cells, change endocrine regulation of fat tissue and alter insulin sensitivity.

They can also act as ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS (for us ladies in 40+ have to pay close attention to XENOESTROGENS, that are able to cause estrogen dominance) by blocking the hormone or stimulating hormone receptors (Xenoestrogens: meaning fake estrogens).

The approach “eat less, exercise, more” (calorie restrictions) doesn’t really work anymore. Yes, you can lose some weight while on “the diet” but it won’t be too long when the pounds start piling up again. Also, I want you to remember this; most of the toxic chemicals are lipophilic (means they like fat) and the excess is stored in our fat tissue. When we start losing weight and the body is not prepared properly, a large number of toxic substances will be released and circulating in our bodies. Not a good thing!!!

Also, important to remember, we are not talking here about high doses of toxic exposure that will take us to the ER. Those are very small amounts, but the chronic exposure will add up.

What can you do to avoid toxic chemicals and how to get rid of them?

Come back next week…I will be sharing simple, practical tips you will be able to implement and help yourself and your family.

Here is one tip:

Stop wasting your hard-earned money on plastic water bottles. It is more contaminated than tap water, it costs you a lot of money and besides that, it’s very bad for the environment. And don’t be fooled by BPA free claims!!! There are BPS and BPF equally bad, if not maybe worse.



Handful of kale and spinach
Bunch of cilantro
1 smaller cucumber
1 teaspoon chlorella
1 teaspoon ginger powder (or about 1 “ fresh ginger)
½ of avocado
1 teaspoon ashwagandha and maca
1 ½ cup water (or if you like more liquid consistency add 2 cups )|
½ cup blueberries

Blend everything well in a blender


To your radiant health, with love
Dr. Ilona

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