Trapped by Food Cravings?

Feeling Trapped by Food Cravings? Get the Facts and Break Free You’re stuck with no escape. You feel powerless to fight back and can’t imagine a way out. Sound like a bad dream? It might be if you feel trapped by food cravings every day. But you don’t have to be a...

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Spring Cleansing Your Body

Spring is finally here.  After long and cold winter, we can rejoice in warmer temperatures and brighter days.  This is the time for renewal, cleaning and new perspectives.  Are you ready to spring clean?  Beside your home, you can spring clean your body, diet,...

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Benefits of Fasting

"Fasting is the greatest remedy --the physician within." ~Paracelsus For a decade or more, fasting, cleanses, and detox diets were all the rage.  Nutritionists and medical professionals downplayed the benefits, but today research shows that periodic fasting can be...

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